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The Land

East ViewwebTrans RanchOver the last 20 years a unique phenomenon has been occurring in South Texas, West Texas and the Texas Hill Country. Millions of acres of land are being returned to a natural environmental state. Native grazed pastures, many of which were over grazed for generations, as well as “improved pastures” and plowed fields are methodically and effectively being reconverted to wildlife and botanical paradises. Soil conditions are improving and native species of plants and animals are rebounding.

The biodiversity of this region is expanding with the introduction of rare and endangered animals from virtually all over the world. Texas, in fact, is now home to many incredible free ranging animal species that occur here in far greater numbers than in their native environments. This great environmental improvement is being created by literally thousands of like minded people from all over Texas, the Nation and the World who, because of their passion for wildlife and open space, have collectively invested many billions of dollars, their effort and their time to bring it about.


Such is the case at Transition Ranch.

In the 1950’s, the area where the Transition Ranch is located served as headquarters to a 19,000 acre sheep and goat ranch. By the turn of the century, the land had been “goated to death.” That’s Texas talk meaning all grasses and brush were browsed down to the rocks. The land was chained in 1991 leaving massive amounts of unnatural and unsightly debris in its path. “Chaining” was a popular way to clear cedar. There were few water wells on the property which limited the native wildlife population numbers.


Since 2008, four wells, ten game feeders, five blinds and miles of access roads and riding trails have been added. The deer herd is healthy and many other bird and animal species are thriving.