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The Animals

Amigo He’s the boss, period. Brave, resilient, with a can do attitude. He tolerates Leslee’s shenanigans and adventures, which include late night rides under a full moon, traipsing through the deep ponds and climbing mountains. Now learning to ride sidesaddle, Leslee enjoying the challenge, Amigo, not so much.
Flaco He’s the union, blue-collar type: hard working, kind, and follows orders but weak in leadership. Flaco is not a horse to ride if you have an addictive personality. You will be hooked on his smooth, smooth, smooth Paso Fino gait.
Devona The Grand Dame of the ranch. Sandy bred and delivered her over 20 years ago. Like an old married couple, they act alike. Stubborn, opinionated and kind. They’re both RIP (retired in place).
Mommy Dog This rescue dog spends 10% of her time supervising all ranch activities. The other 90% you will find her in the master bedroom holding down the bed. She’s an amazingly smart dog. We know she can count to 600 because that’s the kind of sheets she prefers.
Walter Mitty This Yellow Lab followed Leslee home from the liquor store. Unlike the other animals, he neither supervises, takes charge nor follows orders. Hobbies include: wallowing in the pond and playing find the truck.
Keeper She was brought into the fold to control the rodent population. Unfortunately she has the same aversion to mice as Leslee does. There still is a line item in the budget for mousetraps.
Jubilee Being patrons of the arts, we also have a donkey tenor to serenade guests. Being the Diva she is, Jubilee serenades entirely on her own schedule and does not give command performances. She does, however, accept gratuities, in the form of treats, at anytime.
Baby Donkey, Zoe Blossom, was born on the ranch July, 2013. She is gregarious and loves attention.   She is a joy to watch as she frolics, kicks up and plays.   Walter Mitty and Mommy Dog are not as keen about her though.  They both have the utmost respect for Zoe's quick execration and swift kicks.
The newest additions to the gang are the Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian Cross puppies. They are on patrol 24/7. They sleep on the porches of the Casitas and the main house. Ranger, the male, is the vocal. Annie Oakley, is the contemplative female waits for her cue to alarm. These friendly pups are the first barrier foxes and bobcats have to cross to get to the chickens. So far, its working.